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Big or Small

We tackle projects of any size, new build or retrofit. From single rooms and houses to schools and public buildings, we've got it covered.



We insulate great buildings across Great Britain. Our friendly and knowledgeable installer teams blow in insulation from Cornwall to Scotland. 

Grand Designs

As Seen on TV!

In 2014 we were featured on Grand Designs, installing cellulose insulation for a unique new-build project in Norfolk. Our insulation allowed strict sustainability targets to be met.

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Why Cellulose Fibre?

Devana install only cellulose fibre insulation. Why? Because it offers an unmatched array of advantages over conventional products like fibreglass. 

Made from recycled newspaper, cellulose fibre is a superb insulation material. It's environmentally friendly and offers a good thermal barrier. In tandem with superior airtightness provided by the blown installation method, cellulose fibre outperforms many typical insulation products. All this means you can rely on Devana, and cellulose insulation, to keep you warm in winter.

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The Installation Methods

We use a blown system to install cellulose fibre in timberframe walls, floors and roofs. This tightly packs insulation into every corner to provide great airtightness. Installation is fast and we can often pump insulation into voids which are otherwise inaccessible. 

Where insulation is being added to an existing structure, the blown installation method eliminates the need for major building work.

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Installation Methods

The Devana Team - Key Members

With over 40 years experience in building and architectural design, our team have your every need covered. Whether you're unsure if blown insulation is suitable for your project or want to get straight to a quote, we'll be happy to help.

Stephen Collings

With a background in design and build, Stephen is highly knowledgeable in the uses of blown insulation.

Jolyon Warvill

One of the two company co-founders, Jolyon is an expert in the installation of blown insulations.

Daniel Nestlerode

Client Manager
Daniel is the friendly voice you're most likely to hear on the phone, taking enquiries and providing quotes.

About Devana

We are specialist installers of cellulose fibre insulation, installing all over the country from our Cambridgeshire base.

With a wealth of experience covering insulation, building and design; we would love to find out how we can help with your project.

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Retrovive Floor

Retrovive Floor is the only system that can install insulation underneath your traditional suspended wooden ground floor WITHOUT taking up all the floorboards.

Visit our Retrovive Floor website for details.