Insulating Floors

Floor ready for insulation from above

Intermediate Floors - From Above

Insulating intermediate floors creates a barrier to heat passing either upwards or downwards. It can also reduce sound transmission through the floor. Often it is easiest to insulate intermediate floors from above. In many cases, only one board needs to be lifted across the room to allow cellulose fibre to be blown into the joists. 

Floor being installed from below

Intermediate Floors - From Below

In some cases insulation from below is preferred. Holes are cut into the ceiling to allow cellulose fibre to be blown between the joists. Once insulated, each hole is patched up. Making good is within the scope of DIY decorating - typically applying filler and painting. 

Retrovive Floor installation

Suspended Ground Floors

We have developed a unique process called Retrovive Floor, allowing suspended floors to be insulated quickly and easily. Retrovive Floor is the first system to be able to insulate your suspended timber floor WITHOUT taking the whole floor up.

Our unique system means that we can insulate a typical room in just a single day with minimal disruption. Please see our Retrovive Floor website for full details.





The effect from the insulation is noticable already. It's gratifying that all our efforts at insulating the house are bearing fruit. Our gas and electricity bills have halved over the last few years and the underfloor insulation must be playing a big part in that saving.
Carol H.
Carol H.
Girton, Cambridge

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Retrovive Floor

Retrovive Floor is the only system that can install insulation underneath your traditional suspended wooden ground floor WITHOUT taking up all the floorboards.

Visit our Retrovive Floor website for details.