What we do

Devana Insulation installs specialist insulations for residential and commercial buildings throughout the South-East of the country. These include:-

  • • Warmcel blown cellulose-fibre insulation to newbuild timberframe walls, floors, lofts and roofs
  • • Supafil 34 blown mineral-wool insulation to newbuild masonry-cavity developments
  • • Retrovive underfloor insulation for retrofit traditional suspended floors in period properties

Within our company, we have over 60 years of experience in the construction industry. Devana works to the highest standards in every aspect of our work. We genuinely care about everything we do and how we do it.

How our products and systems help the environment

Installing the best insulations is an immediate way to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Better insulation saves more energy and reduces heating costs more than basic types. At Devana we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, reflected in the products and solutions we provide.


Warmcel is a loose fibre insulation installed with a blowing system Made from cellulose-fibre it is amazingly eco-friendly. In fact cellulose-fibre is actually carbon negative, essentially meaning that it stores more carbon than is released during manufacture. It is a recycled product, produced from newspaper, with natural minerals added to make it extremely fire-resistant, with a better performance at smothering fire than many alternatives.

The blowing system inherently fills every corner under pressure and enhances the airtightness of the construction. Most other insulations cannot match this, and even tiny gaps leak a lot of heat.

Supafil 34

Supafil 34 is a mineral-wool loose fibre insulation, blown under pressure into masonry cavities, achieving an airtight fill which is hard to equal with traditional batts and slabs, thereby being much more effective because any gaps are weak points.

For the builder there are many benefits from choosing Supafil 34. It lets bricklayers concentrate on laying bricks; does not need storage space on site for weeks (a typical house is insulated in a single day); there is no wastage through damage and offcuts, so no cost to waste disposal; insulation is not saturated through being exposed to the rain for weeks, leading to poor quality.

Retrovive for Suspended Ground Floors 

We have developed an innovative system of fitting insulation into suspended ground floors, which we call Retrovive. This process involves unique ‘hammocks’ inserted between floor joists to be filled with blown high-performance cellulose-fibre insulation. This effectively blocks off the draughts as well as keeping in the heat, enabling you to enjoy the most of your home, (also making it quieter, too).

Minimal Disruption – unless your floor has enough space to crawl around and work underneath, most floor insulation installation processes require every floorboard to be pulled up and skirting boards removed. This procedure is very time-consuming and disruptive. The Retrovive process only requires a few floorboards to be lifted. Some rooms we can even insulate within a single day, with hardly any evidence that we have been – other than it is much warmer, of course.