How Can Loud Offices Impact Productivity?

Office Sound Insulation

Businesses are constantly looking and trying new ways that will ensure that their employees have a healthy and positive work environment. Research indicates that noise pollution is a huge contributor to poor productivity at work. 63% of employees say they lack quiet space for focused work, which has a negative impact on their productivity, satisfaction and well-being. 75% of employees say they desperately have to take walks outside to focus, and 32% use headphones to block out distraction. Employees in the noisiest office environments are more likely to leave their job in the next six months. It’s difficult to perform tasks that need high concentration in such conditions.

Some of the noise sources in your office may include noise from pumps, boilers, chillers, printers, keyboard strokes, phones ringing, loud chewing and more. Noise can also come from different offices in the building where you have no control.

Unfortunately, poor acoustics lead to more noise, which causes stress on employees. Stressed employees are susceptible to headaches, migraines, digestive disorders, ulcers and high blood pressure. Certainly, regulating sound disruption in an otherwise busy work environment is a tough balancing act. However, sound insulation is a great solution.

In order to provide your employees with a space where they can work effectively, you can create an environment with an acoustic landscape that is suitable for your employees.

Devana’s Blown Cellulose Fibre Insulation has notable acoustic insulation benefits that reduces airborne sound immediately. We incorporate many different layers of acoustic materials to ensure our clients have the highest sound insulation performance. Devana can offer solutions combining fibre insulation and additional acoustic materials. Using Isomass systems, Devana is able to create complete sound attenuation for your building. 

Our highly trained and informed team of noise insulation professionals will help you select the very best type of sound control panelling to lessen the noise level of your company environment for impressive improvements in employee productivity, good health, mental alertness and general well-being. Get in touch with our insulation installation experts today 01638 501069 or