masonry insulation

Masonry Construction  

Devana Insulation offers multiple solutions to create perfectly insulated masonry-constructed buildings. We primarily use injected insulation for masonry constructions with products that ensure high performance whilst being suitable to the building’s structure.

masonry external insulation

In order to insulate masonry cavity walls, Devana will use Blown Mineral Wool insulation. This cavity wall insulation is silicone treated, non-combustible, and high performance. It is injected into masonry cavity walls after the wall is constructed. We install into newbuild properties where it is much more efficient than alternative methods. It’s very quick so saves time in the build schedule; bricklayers can concentrate on their specialist skill; there is no need to buy material to store on site getting damaged; and there is no waste as  we only use what we blow in.


Devana uses Supafil 34 Glass Mineral Wool for masonry external walls. This insulation has excellent thermal performance properties. At a minimum installation density of 25 kg/m3, the thermal conductivity of this insulation is 0.034 W/mK.

Environmental Impact

Supafil 34 Cavity Wall Insulation has a high content of recycled material and no known threat to the environment, zero Ozone Depletion Potential, and zero Global Warming Potential. The reduced requirement for heating with insulation also benefits the environment.

Moisture Resistance  

Tests on this masonry cavity wall  insulation confirm that there is no transmission of water to the inner leaf or moisture transmission by capillary action across the cavity. Furthermore, Supafil 34 does not add to the risk of water penetration

party walls

For separating party walls, Devana Insulation is able to use Supafil Party Wall Glass Blowing Wool Insulation. Heat can often be lost through a party wall cavity due to air exchange between the party wall cavity and the external environment. Our insulation solution can be installed into new or existing masonry cavity party walls in order to prevent this party wall loss of heat


Supafil Party Wall has been proven to effectively eliminate the air movement that causes party wall bypass in both new and existing buildings. Within  existing homes, installation of this  insulation will not compromise  acoustic performance. It can contribute  to a zero effective U-value to be  claimed in SAP calculations.

Environmental Impact

This insulation has no known threat to  the environment as well as zero Ozone  Depletion Potential and zero Global  Warming Potential. It is made from  recycled glass that is inert, therefore  will not react with insulation to wiring or metal wall ties.


As the product is formed in-situ, we are able to accommodate variations in cavity width. The installation is quick and easy with our injection process. This installation  is easy to combine with other masonry  construction insulation such as  external walls.

spray vcl

Devana uses Blowerproof Spray VCL, which has been extensively and independently tested for suitability on a variety of materials
including brick and masonry.

The Devana Process

Devana’s installation of Spray VCL offers complete peace of mind. By using a dual process with brush and spray methods, Devana can guarantee excellent airtightness. All gaps and junctions are filled with fibre-reinforced polymer and then the whole area is sprayed with the membrane.

High Performance

This Spray VCL is VOC free, water-based, flexible, and has fibre reinforced polymers. It is a unique and sustainable solution for the production of airtight building connections with a durable highly adhesive spray VCL.

Easy Installation

Our expert installers can ensure a complete and secure coverage with great performance. The installation process is very quick with some cases taking less than a day.

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