Moonlit Muntjac Rescue


Oh deer, oh deer, oh deer

It’s been a typically long Devana day and Terry and Joe arrive back at base well after dark.

What is that noise?! A frantic screaming like you have never heard is coming from across the road… Always intrepid (!), they rush over to defend the victim from attack – only to find a Muntjac deer stuck half-way through some railings!

What to do? These railings are pretty tough and trying to wedge them apart isn’t working… Call the RSPCA? They were closed…Try 101. Answer is to call the fire brigade. Really??…OK, call the fire brigade. Sorry, this is not a hoax call, but…No, no, that’s fine, it’s what we’re here for! …Oh, thank heavens!

Fire and Rescue turn up, get some heavy gear on the job, Muntjac is mercifully released unharmed, Fire and Rescue go off.

No sooner had they gone round the corner but the screaming starts again! WHAT?!  Muntjac has only gone and got itself stuck in railings the other side of the road! Call the fire brigade! Sorry, you’re not going to believe this, but…

Fire and Rescue return. Same gear, same release, Muntjac runs off.

OH, NO! …REALLY??!! …it’s now stuck in our gates!!… Is this going to go on all night? Luckily, fire and rescue are still here this time. Phew!

We pack away very quickly, indeed, and thankfully escape homewards before it happens a fourth time. Surely  Muntjac must have learnt by now?

Yes, Devana Insulation is in the business of saving the planet, but we’re proud to say this now includes saving the wildlife, as well…