Recording Studio Problems Solved

Sound Insulation
We recently received some positive feedback for the installation of Warmcel in Orchard Cottage Recording Studio, Cambridge. It acts as a good case study for the uses of cellulose insulation to solve acoustic problems.

“Having recently consulted with Devana regarding some important remedial works here at the Studio I would like to extend a big thank you to both Stephen Collings for his assistance and definitely not forgetting the guys who carried out the works. The use of Warmcel for our particular application has proved to be enormously beneficial, whilst also proving to be a very cost effective solution.”

The problem

The main studio live room is sited within a very large, timber framed barn. Although the original building has been encapsulated by a new structure to achieve stringent sound proofing requirements, the internal surfaces are predominantly plasterboard, which is carried by battening located between each of the main upright timbers. Between this inner layer of Plasterboard and the new outer wall there was, in places, a significant cavity containing an inconsistent quantity of insulation. The resulting effect of this was that the plasterboard was “Live & Un-damped”, producing an undesirable resonance that was audible on Acoustic Recordings.

Unfortunately rectifying the inconsistency of the existing cavity fill and surface resonance, would normally have meant a complete replacement of all of the existing plasterboard, finish plaster, fill and final decoration, an expensive process, requiring a long closure period. There was also no guarantee that the new cavity fill would sufficiently “Acoustically Damp” the plasterboard skin.

The solution

Devana, with the use of dry pumped Warmcel, provided a complete answer to the problems, and importantly at a fraction of the cost of a major refit. By pumping Warmcel through strategically located 4inch diameter holes in the plasterboard they ensured that all of the existing cavities were evenly filled. Crucially, this process also ensured that the Warmcel cavity fill was in physical contact with the inside skin of the plasterboard, therefore effectively “Acoustically Damping” the boards, eliminating resonance.

From start to finish, ( which included a very thorough clean up ) the process was carried out in a single day, professionally and with great attention to care.

The resulting change in the rooms audible characteristics are substantial, the process has completely removed the resonance, increasing considerably the accuracy of the room as a ” Recording Environment”… There is also one un-planned for benefit, Thermal Insulation! The room is also now considerably better at retaining heat!!! reducing our electricity consumption.

“It is with no hesitation that I can recommend Stephen Collings, Devana and Warmcel. Suffice to say that as we will be carrying out a re-fit of our Control room during the coming year, I look forward to working with Devana again in the near future.”

Mick Venning
Senior Sound Engineer

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