roof insulation

Roof Insulation

It is very common for houses to lose heat through roofs. A professionally insulated roof can keep your
property more comfortable by maintaining a stable temperature throughout the year. There are two core areas of insulation applied to roofs: rafter insulation and loft insulation.

Rafter Insulation

Insulating rafters with Devana Insulation improves the general heating in your home as well as reducing heat loss. We generally recommend using Warmcel between rafters to create a warm room in the roof. If you would like to discuss this potential insulation opportunity, please get in touch with us. Rafter insulation may only be possible with Cellulose Fibre Insulation on certain projects and we’re happy to advise the best solution.

Loft insulation 

For loft insulation, we use an open blown method with Cellulose Fibre Insulation. This form of insulation installation enables us to fill spaces to any desired depth. As a result, we can install to greater depths than building regulations specify. As a result, your property will be warmer and more cost-effective.


We insulate great buildings across Great Britain. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable installer teams who blow in insulation from Cornwall to Scotland.

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