Sound Insulation

Insulation can be used to help to soundproof your home by reducing intrusive noise. Whether you’re  experiencing problems with airborne or impact noise, Devana can offer solutions to help. In order to ensure the optimum performance of sound insulation and reduction, we can incorporate different layers of acoustic materials.

Acoustic Insulation  

Blown Cellulose Fibre Insulation inherently has remarkable acoustic insulation properties. When blown into timber walls and floors, you’ll find an immediate reduction in airborne sound. Combining the random-direction fibres with our airtight blown method, it’s a great option for reducing sound.

Additional acoustic materials   

If you would like to achieve a higher level of sound insulation, Devana can offer solutions combining fibre insulation and  additional acoustic materials. Using Isomass systems, Devana is able to create complete sound attenuation for your home. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements so  we can evaluate and advise the best solution.


We insulate great buildings across Great Britain. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable installer teams who blow in insulation from Cornwall to Scotland.

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