timber construction insulation

Timber Construction  

Cellulose Fibre Insulation is the ideal insulation choice for timber constructions. It is a cost-effective blown
installation that offers enhanced airtightness for lofts, roofs, floors, and timber-frame walls.

Dry injection  

Ideal for closed panels in timber-frame walls or floors. Access to floor cavities is gained via holes in the ceiling or floorboards lifted above and then replaced once installed.

Damp Spray  

Useful to timber-frame walls that have the panel open. Cellulose Fibre is blown through a fine mist of water in order to adhere to the inside surfaces before plasterboard is tacked on.

Open Fills 

Perfect to fill cavities to a desired depth, for example, loft spaces or floors before the surface is laid. This can be particularly cost-effective as we can quickly fill to beyond regulation standards.

Installation of Cellulose Fibre Insulation requires expertise due to the meticulous detail required to ensure the effectiveness of the insulation. Our extensive knowledge of cellulose insulation means that we can install a high-performing solution with enhanced airtightness methods. Devana can easily blow insulation into voids that are difficult with alternative methods. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project and how Devana can meet your insulation requirements with our solutions.

Cellulose Fibre Insulation is suitable for both internal and external walls. Typically, we will use a dry injection method in order to insulate a wall closed with plasterboard, plywood, OSB, or a flexible membrane. Access to the cavity for dry injection installation will be achieved by cutting holes in the walls. Insulation is then blown into each cavity and then all holes are filled once insulated.

Alternatively, for open walls, Devana can use a damp-spray method. This method involves blowing Cellulose Fibre Insulation through a fine mist of water. This allows the insulation to adhere to the inside surfaces of the wall and fully fill each void into every corner. We then level back any excess and plasterboard can be tacked to the studs.

roof insulation

Depending on the roof type, we have multiple methods to install Cellulose Fibre Insulation. For pitched roofs, we are able to use a dry injection method. This consists of cutting holes in the covering board or membrane in order to blow insulation into the void behind. These holes are then covered once installation is complete.

Many constructions were built with a bitumen felt underneath the roof tiles. This is impermeable to vapour therefore an air gap must be left  between insulation and felt in order to prevent condensation problems. This is true of flat roofs, which always have an impermeable covering.  As a result, there may not be space to blow cellulose insulation. Devana will assess each project individually regarding roof insulation and the options available.

The open fill method of installing Cellulose Fibre Insulation is recommended for large cavities such as lofts. Building regulations specify a minimum of 250mm, however, our blown installation method can be very cost-effective to install to greater depths of up to 400mm or more to benefit from even better performance. As a result, there can be a dramatic improvement in the building’s energy efficiency.

loft insulation

Cellulose Fibre Insulation is suitable for timber joist floors, intermediate ceilings, and party floor systems.  These styles of floors can benefit from the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of Devana’s installation solutions. In order to minimise disruption and ensure the highest quality of installation, we have 3 different floor installation methods.

Intermediate Floors from Above

Insulating intermediate floors has two primary purposes: a heat barrier and a sound barrier. Installation from above involves maybe only one floorboard being lifted and cellulose fibre being blown into the joists.

Intermediate Floors from Below

To benefit from heat and sound insulation, Devana can install insulation from below into intermediate floors. This process consists of cutting holes to blow Cellulose Fibre Insulation between the joists. These holes are then filled and covered.

Ground Floors

Devana’s unique Retrovive process is the first system to allow for insulation within suspended timber floors without taking the whole floor up. We only lift a few floorboards and then fit unique hammocks between the floors joists to blow in our high-performance insulation.


In timber-frame constructions Devana can install airtight membranes using INTELLO systems. This is ideal for an inner boundary for  thermal insulation with multiple applications including roofs, walls, and ceilings. Installation of INTELLO membrane requires an expert approach with meticulous detail concerning airtightness. Building on our insulation experience, Devana can install this membrane with cost-effective efficiency. INTELLO works on the principles of climate-controlled membranes. The molecular structure of the  insulation varies between seasons. Fleece membranes provide a seal against moisture during winter yet in summer the structure becomes more open and facilitates drying out. The seasonal  intelligence of this application creates a high-performing solution to your airtightness and vapour control requirements dependent on moisture influences.

Enjoy peace of mind with our Spray VCL application achieving excellent airtightness.  Our quality workmanship and excellent products ensure a satisfactory airtightness test result. Our installation of airtight membranes is a dual process using brush and spray  methods. We fill all gaps and junctions between walls, floors, and ceilings with a polymer containing fibre for reinforcement.  Following this, the whole wall is sprayed with the membrane. This is the perfect and durable solution for optimum airtightness, particularly for large areas of direct application.


We insulate great buildings across Great Britain. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable installer teams who blow in insulation from Cornwall to Scotland.

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